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Piezo Paper
2014-08-22 17:50:00


  Invoking piezoelectricity of regenerated cellulose, Piezo Paper can be made from the cellulose EAPap by maximizing its piezoelectricity and eliminating ions in the cellulose EAPap. Piezoelectric charge constant, d31, of this Piezo Paper is in the range of 30-50 pC/N, which is comparable with known piezoelectric polymers.

Advantages of this Piezo Paper are:

-Environmentally friendly material



-Thermally stable up to 200°C

-Good piezoelectricity

Applications of this Piezo Paper are:

-Strain sensors, Impact sensors, Vibration sensors

-Speakers, Vibrators

-Biomedical wound patches

-Cosmetic patches

-Artificial larynx



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