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  • 3 Invited talk, Jaehwan Kim, Sang Dong Jang, Seongcheol Mun, Hyun-U Ko, Mohammad Abu Hasan Khondoker, Lindong Zha, Ki_Baek Kim "Green Smart Material made from Regenerated Cellulose" 3rd Int. Cellulose Conference (ICC2012), p.18, Sapporo, Japan | 2012-10
  • 2 Invited talk, Jaehwan Kim, Sang Yeol Yang and Sang Dong Jang "Controller-free and Robust Electro-Active Paper Actuator by Modulated Microwaves" Int. Union of Materials Researc Societies - Int. Conf. on Electronic Materials 2012, C-5-125-003, Yokohama, Japan | 2012-09
  • 1 Invited talk, Jaehwan Kim "Inkjet printing technology for fabricating flexible electronics and smart devices on cellulose paper" Int. Conf. on Flexible and Printed Electronics, S26-12, The U. of Tokyo, Japan | 2012-09