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  • 4 Invited Speaker "" 2008 ESSTA, International Committee, Sathiabama University, Chennai, India | 2008-11
  • 3 Invited Speaker, Colloquium on Biologically Inspired Robotics "Biomimetic electro-active paper actuator: Its principle and applications" Seoul National University | 2008-08
  • 2 Invited Paper "Feasibility of E-Paper with cellulose" SPIE 15th International Symposium on Smart Materials, Structures and NDE: Nanosensors and Microsensors for Bio-Systems, San Diego, CA, USA | 2008-03
  • 1 Invited Speaker "Flying magic paper made with cellulose electro-active paper: concept and its possibility" The 4th International Symposium on Innovative Aerial/Space Flyer Systems, The University of Tokyo, Japan | 2008-01